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• An introduction to 500
Spanish vocabulary
words, each illustrated
in color

• Fairy tale scenes and
characters are used throughout the book to depict the different vocabulary themes

• Beneath each Spanish
vocabulary word the English translation appears in bold, along with the pronunciation of the English word in italics

• An entertaining tool
for very early readers to increase vocabulary in both Spanish and English words

• Ages 4-10

• Includes a complete
alphabetical index of
the Spanish words

Spanish Word Book


Trim size:
81/4” x111/4”
(20.1 x 28.6 cm)
64 pages

Enamel paper
Full color throughout
Hardcover binding
24 per carton

ISBN 1-58087-063-5
Stampley code 0262
List $12.95

(My First Word Book )

Language development is one of the most important aspects of early childhood learning. At the same time, being introduced to a second language can be a wonderful adventure! In Mi Primer Libro de Palabras young readers will actively improve their Spanish, while also increasing their English vocabulary. Well known scenes from favorite fairy tales introduce a different vocabulary theme on each 2-page spread, and serve to capture a child’s attention and imagination.

Mi Primer Libro de Palabras introduces the Spanish reader to 500 words of basic vocabulary – familiar things from home, from school, and from the natural world. Each word is charmingly illustrated in full color. In addition, beneath each Spanish word appears the English equivalent in bold, and the pronunciation of the English word (for the native Spanish speaker) is shown in italics. Includes a complete index of all words.

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