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• Eight individual titles,
each fully illustrated with photographs and art by
National Geographic

• Originally published
in English by National
Geographic, now
available in Spanish

• Each title contains
a glossary and a
complete index

• Available as individual
titles, or in two sets of four titles each, bound in a slip case


Explora y Aprende


Trim size:
9 1/4” x 10 1/2”
(22.9 x 26.7 cm)
96 pages per volume

Hard cover
Ages 10-16

32 individual volumes per carton, or
8 sets of four volumes per carton

La Física es Diversión
ISBN 1-915741-45-8
Stampley code G110
List $15.00

Exploración del Sistema Solar
ISBN 1-915741-46-6
Stampley code G111
List $15.00

Grandes Misterios de Nuestro Mundo
ISBN 1-915741-47-4
Stampley code G112
List $15.00
Currently out of stock

Los Porqués de Nuestro Mundo
ISBN 1-915741-48-2
Stampley code G113
List $15.00

Set 1 Black Slipcase
Stampley code G104
List $49.95


Mensajeros al Cerebro
ISBN 1-915741-54-7
Stampley code G120
List $15.00

Nuestra Tierra Violenta
ISBN 1-915741-55-5
Stampley code G121
List $15.00

Secretos del Pasado
ISBN 1-915741-53-9
Stampley code G122
List $15.00

Los Animales Hacen
Cosas Asombrosas
ISBN 1-915741-52-0
Stampley code G123
List $15.00

Set 2 Yellow Slipcase
Stampley code G125
List $49.95

(Explore and Learn)

When it comes to learning about the world around us, no name is more respected than that of the National Geographic Society. In Explora y Aprende, Stampley Enterprises teams up with National Geographic to produce an 8-volume reference series in Spanish with captivating photos and clear, engaging text. Each individual volume helps students to discover the wonders of the world around them.

Designed especially for readers ages 10-16, Explora y Aprende makes learning about subjects such as physics, geology, astronomy and biology exciting and fun. Volumes are available individually or in two separate sets of 4 volumes. Each set is packaged in a handsome, full color slipcase.

Explora y Aprende in slipcase

Thousands of teachers, librarians and parents have found Explora y Aprende a valuable resource for enhancing a child’s education in the sciences. The office of the Secretary of Education of México has repeatedly selected volumes from the series for distribution throughout the Mexican school system. Now more than ever, Explore y Aprende is a perfect fit for direct sales, school book fairs, catalogs, retail promotions, and marketing programs to schools and libraries.

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