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• Originally published
in English by National
Geographic, now
available in Spanish

• Four individual titles,
each with detailed photographs and original artwork

• Each page is filled with information to introduce your child the marvels of nature

• Ages 9-12 years

Descubre la Ciencia


Trim Size:
10” x 10”
(25.4 x 25.4 cm)
60 pages

Full color throughout

30 books per carton

Avas (Birds)
ISBN 1-58087-126-7
Stampley code G221

Cielo (Sky)
ISBN 1-58087-127-5
Stampley code G223

Desierto (Desert)
ISBN 1-58087-128-3
Stampley code G224

Peces (Fish)
ISBN 1-58087-129-1
Stampley code G222


Descubre la Naturaleza
Jump Into Nature from National Geographic

Designed as a reference for young children, Descubre la Naturaleza creates information page by page and book by book, to give its readers a complete perspective to nature. This collection is a reflextion of the high standards of precision and excellence that you would expect from Stampley and National Geographic Society.

Here you will find solid scientific information with friendly and colorful illustrations. Each one of this four books includes a glossary, index and section titled ¿Sabias...? (Did you know), designed for helping the reader explore the marvels of nature.

With clear text, photographs with detail, original art work, a glossary and a index, make this book a valuable part of your childs library.

With designs focused on readers of ages 9 – 12, Descubre la Naturaleza converts learning about the world around us, into a gratifying, exciting and fun activity.

Descubre la Naturaleza is a perfect fit for direct sales, school book fairs, catalogs, retail promotions, and marketing programs to schools and libraries. This series will generate sales in any market!

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