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• An engaging, full color introduction to "the Bible's prayer book" — the Psalms

• Selections from 22 best loved psalms, in the stately language Reina—Valera

• Beautifully designed with color illustrations
on every page

• Special Chapters on King David and the Story of Israel

• Introduction by
Amy Welborn

Children's Bible Stories    


Trim Size:
8 1/4” x 11 13/16”
(21 x 28.5 cm)
64 pages

Enamel paper
Full color throughout

Spanish edition
ISBN 1-58087-150-x
Stampley code 0279
24 per carton
List $12.95

English edition
ISBN 1-58087-124-0
Stampley code 0379
24 per carton
List $12.95

Los Salmos para Niños

The 150 psalms of the Bible are the oldest collection of prayers in western civilization. In Los Salmos para Niños, young readers will discover the beauty and power of the psalms anew—and make these ancient prayers
their own.

Los Salmos para Niños presents selections from 22 of the best-loved psalms of the Bible. Each psalm is brought to life with a two page color illustration, featuring scenes and styles from Biblical times. The text is attractively typeset, and the beauty and dignity of traditional language
is preserved.
Children will learn the history, background and types of Psalms in three supplemental chapters by noted author Amy Welborn. A map and visual timeline of Israel from Abraham to Solomon reveals the Biblical events that animate these great prayers.

For three thousand years, the faithful have been nourished by “the Bible’s Prayer Book” — the psalms. With Los Salmos para Niños, even the youngest readers can share in these riches too.

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