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• A beautiful booklet that both teaches the Rosary and uncovers its depths

• All 20 Mysteries of the Rosary brought to life through beautiful stained glass art

•Profound meditations drawn from Scripture and Tradition offered for every bead

• Suggestions for further Scripture reading provided for each Mystery

• Scripture references taken from the stately RSV-CE text




Trim size:
4 1/2” x 6 3/4”
(11.4 x 17.2 cm)
56 pages

Full color throughout
UV Coated cover

ISBN 978-1-58087-123-5 or
Stampley code 0532
List $4.95

Los Misterios Del Rosario

After the Holy Mass itself, no prayer is more loved than the Rosary. Throughout history countless people have found in the Rosary a deep source of comfort and a powerful way to contemplate the truths of faith.

With Los Misterios del Rosario , Stampley brings the Rosary to life with profound meditations and stained glass window art. Photographs of beautiful stained glass windows illuminate all twenty Mysteries of the Rosary. Ten brief meditations are offered for each Mystery as well - one for each Rosary bead.

Los Misterios del Rosario offers beginners helpful instructions, a clear diagram, and the text of all prayers of the Rosary. To those long familiar with the Rosary it offers a way to mine the riches of this powerful prayer.

For young and old, for those starting their Christian journey and those well on the way - Los Misterios del Rosario helps bring the great truths of faith to life.

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